After 13 years of spinning tunes around our worldwide web, Spiderwebradio has come to it's end! We tried to expand in the last few months, by making SWR available on many different platforms. We have been broadcasting with SHOUTcast1 for many years, and it needed to be updated to SHOUTcast2. When we had difficulties accomplishing this, we reached out to our Licensing partner, Stream Licensing, we have reached out for help in the past to ensure we stay within our license's parameters. The representative miss understood us and got offended, for unknown reasons, we were just trying to update to SHOUTcast 2. Stream lic. was rude and demanded we shut down and take all of their links off of Spiderwebfradio's website immediately,until we figured it out, even though they still offer SHOUTcast1 and we have been with them and paying our monthly LIC fees for many years and always on time! gave us NO support, we use them to spin tunes when we aren't live,and we utilize through Listen 2 My Radio. They also provide us with our statistics. Dozens of emails with responses and even though they said it was easy, it was never done, they are fast to take our automatic payment every month. To right the ship, we attempted to self license, but our costs would nearly triple. We have never had an income stream, thousands of hours and dollars spent to keep us spinning. The new SWR would have begun to advertise and expand, but increased licensing fees combined with zero support from Stream Licensing and Listen 2 MY Radio gave us no choice, but to end our broadcast. Our listenership has decreased with increased indie spins. Most indie bands and their fans didn't listen and we got very little support from family and friends.

‚ÄčThank you to the indie bands and fans that did tune in and shared our posts, we appreciate the support you gave us; Lunar Rogue, Melia, Bedrokk Network, KINGS HAREM, Brad Curtis, Tdawn Dawn, Cold Revive, Verity White, Bad Mary, Courtney Yasmineh, Dirty Mind Detroit, Griffin Tucker, Geary J Nelson, Headlight, Howzat, Ivory Tower Project, JEAN CABBIE & THE SECRET ADMIRER SOCIETY, Jerry Hull, John Magnusson, Kevin B Klein, Malaya Blue, Marcus Malone, My Dear Wendy, SKYFEVER , Talk Universe, The Adarna, The Million Reasons, Wannacries and many other bands, fans and longtime listeners! #RockOn

Al Matchett