Lunar Rogue was formed in early 2011 by singer/songwriter, Julia Dettwiler in Los Angeles. The current lineup features her lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jim Briggs and Alex Methot playing lead and rhythm guitar, Rozz Osborn’s drumming, and Sam Orellana’s low end. LR is our highest rated band  since we began our broadcast in 2005. Awarded “International Independent Band of the Year” in 2013 – 2016 as well as the all time highest rated band in 2015.  Lunar Rogue's fan bas has kept numerous tracks in our weekly Top 15 since we began spinning their cool tunes in 2013. Lunar Rogue's "Another Night, Another Day" was #5 on our Top 15 of 2017, and "Insane" was #8 for the year! Visit them at 


Elton Adams has had numerous tunes in our top 15. A Canadian soldier, his first rock album was released in March 2009 (most of the songs on the album were written in Afghanistan. "Candy", "My Canadian Girls", "Gunslinger" and" Live a Little Longer" have charted at Spiderwebradio. Check Elton out at:

Brad Curtis & The SOME X6 Band have won Top Canadian Indie Artist of The Year in 2013 and 2014. In 2018 their tune "Three Wishes" was #7 on our Top 15 of the year. Brad began playing guitar/bass  and writing songs at the age of 15 yrs, playing in coffee shops, church's, and high school's  around his hometown of Prince George BC until he left for Simon Fraser University in Vancouver BC Canada.  After a lengthy absence from playing and writing, Brad picked up the bass again in 2002 and slowly began writing songs again. Visit the band at

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The pride of Rochester, NY, Melia Maccarone  Lead singer, guitar shredder for the band MELIA. They have had 74 appearances in our Top 15, "Just A Bride" was number 1 for 6 weeks in a row, a Spiderwebradio all time record!  The band has had 3 tunes hit number 1 -Just A Bride, SoundProof Walls and Bats Beneath Moonlight which was our Song Of The Year in 2017.  More info and cool things at